Our Cocktail Selection (Subject to Change)

Cocktail Name Description
Loaded Bloody Mary Jam- packed and available spicy or mild. If you’re looking for a little extra kick try our pepper infused vodka.
Spiced Cider Hard cider mixed with Fireball and topped with a splash of cranberry juice, served over ice.
Big Ginger 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey and ginger beer served in a copper cup and garnished with a lemon, lime, and candied ginger.
Old Fashioned Your choice of whiskey served with bitters, muddled cherry, orange, and simple syrup.
Sidecar Maison Rouge cognac, O3 orange liqueur, and fresh lemon juice.
Hemmingway Daiquiri Castillo white rum, simple syrup, fresh squeezed lime, Luzardo Maraschino liqueur, & grapefruit juice.
Capital 75 Buffalo Trace Bourbon, simple syrup, and fresh lemon juice topped with Bell’s Two Hearted.
Old Capital Manhattan Old Capital’s blend of Angel’s Envy bourbon, house made sweet vermouth, lemon juice.
Moscow Mule Fresh squeezed limes, UV vodka, and Goslings ginger beer served in a copper cup and garnished with candied ginger.
Churchill’s Breakfast  Highwest Double Rye Whiskey, 100% maple syrup and cold brewed coffee. Served in a martini glass with a burnt cinnamon stick.
Old Capital Infusion  Old Capital’s blend of Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon infused with ginger root, honey, lemon and rosemary served on the rocks.
Pumpkintini  Stoli Vanilla, Bailey’s Irish Cream, pumpkin puree, and Liqueur 43 served with a graham cracker rim and topped with house-made spiked whipped cream.
Lion’s Tail  Knob Creek Bourbon, simple syrup, fresh lime juice, house made allspice liqueur, and Angostura bitters served in a rocks glass.
Jack’s Tipple  Pumpkin puree, house infused allspice liqueur, Hard Cider, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and ginger beer served over ice.
Capital Creamer  Knob Creek Bourbon, brown sugar simple syrup, house-made bourbon cream, Dragon’s Milk.
Second Circle  Knob Creek Bourbon, 100% maple syrup, Twany Graham 10 Year Port, Angostura bitters.
The Last Hurrah  Jägermeister, Kahlua, root beer schnapps, Baileys Irish cream served over ice with a splash Pepsi.
Iron Constitution  Muddled ginger, Fernet Branca, house made sweet vermouth, lemon juice, ginger beer.
Sazerac  Maison Rouge Cognac VSOP, High West Double Rye, simple syrup, Peychaud’s bitters, absinthe spritz
Cucumber and Jalapeno  Prairie Cucumber Vodka, Jalapeno simple syrup, fresh squeezed lime juice
Sangria  Your choice: red or white? We will pair the perfect wine with flavored liqueur, assorted juices, and syrups
Rosemary Sour  High West Double Rye Whiskey, maple syrup, lime juice shaken with a rosemary spring
Benny and the Jack  Muddled apple and sage, AppleJack liquer, Benedictine and Aromatic Bitters.
Hot Rump  Rumple Minze, Rumchata, hot chocolate
Apple Pie Applejack, Jack Daniels, hot cider.
 Capital Coffee  Old Granddad Bourbon, Kahlua, spiked whipped cream, with a Bailey’s drizzle.
 Butter Rum Cafe  Vanilla rum, buttershots, coffee, spiked whipped cream.
 Hot Honey  Powers Irish Whiskey, Chamomile honey syrup, lemon, hot water.